Shelbey Diamond-Alexander Endorsements

Billy Mitchell

Chair, Georgia House Democrats

Georgia House Democrats are proud to support Shelbey Diamond-Alexander in her campaign for State House District 119 in the January 31st Special Election. Shelbey has the proven experience to represent her district, from leading the Barrow County Democrats to an extensive professional career in business. When she wins, we know she will be ready to work on behalf of Georgians under the Gold Dome.

June Krise, Chair
9th Congressional District
Democratic Party of Georgia

I wholeheartedly endorse Barrow County Chairwoman Shelby Diamond for Georgia House District 119. She has provided great leadership for the Democratic Committee in Barrow County. She will bring her knowledge and experience as a former businesswoman, mother, community organizer, and spokesperson for democratic values in her community to the legislature. After talking with her, I am convinced that she is a woman who can bring North East Georgia, common sense,  grass roots values to the legislature that we so badly need in Georgia.
I encourage you vote for Shelby Diamond for State Representative in Georgia House 119.

Conolus Scott
10 Congressional District
Democratic Party of Georgia

I am pleased to endorse Shelby Alexander for Ga. House Seat 119. Shelbey is a friend and has shown through dedication and hard work as a loyal Democrat and a strong leader in her county and throughout Northeast Georgia, that she is equipped to give us the leadership needed.. I believe that Shelbey will work toward unifying her district an well as promoting the Democratic values. Her leadership as Chair of the Barrow County committee has shown her leadership ability and that hard work can bring about positive change.

Shelbey Alexander the right candidate at the right time.

Melita Easters
Executive Director and Founding Chair
Georgia WIN List

Shelbey is a life-long Democrat who has put her beliefs into action as she tirelessly worked to build a stronger party organization in Barrow County. She would be a great representative for a rapidly changing district, bringing a combination of compassion and common sense to committee meeting rooms and legislative debates. She will be welcomed by our growing women’s caucus as a strong voice for choice at a time when the Georgia GOP would limit a woman’s rights to medical autonomy.

Matthew Wilson
First Vice Chair, Democratic Party of Georgia

Electing Shelbey will send a signal to this General Assembly and to Georgia that it’s time to get serious on healthcare access. She knows that nobody in this state should ever have to put off getting their prescription filled or going to see a doctor because of cost or any other barrier.